Thursday, 22 January 2015

Tsuro and Tsuro of the Seas

What paths will your dragon follow....?

Type: Board / Strategy
Players: 2 to 6
Time to explain to others: 1 minute
Time to play: About 15 minutes
Difficulty: To play 1/10, Game difficulty 3/10
Portability: Board, cards and tokens. Medium.
Overall: 8/10

Tsuro is a quick and fun game, that pretends to be an allegory for life (laying the path in front of you, following difficult paths, etc). In reality, it is a quick, fun and dynamic game.

Each player had a dragon token, placed somewhere around the edge of the gaming area. You will then place a tile, displaying paths and your dragon needs to follow that path to its end, being placed on some opposite side of that tile.

And this is effectively it (told you it was easy). The game does take a couple of turns to kick off.

The interesting part begins when you place a tile, and an opponents' dragon is on the edge of the space that will be filled by that tile. In that event you move your dragon and theirs.

Any dragons that are forced to follow a path off the gaming area are eliminated. The last one, wins.

Tsuro of the Seas follows the same dynamic, just in the oceans, with Sea Serpents. And there are a number of dreadful sea monsters, moving randomly around the board, eating you as they go (which makes things more exciting). 

Rui's conclusion: Fast, quick and exciting. A good introductory game. Possibly one amenable to young'uns.

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