Thursday, 22 January 2015


'Walkers! Behind us! Don't let them touch you!'

Type: Board/Strategy
Players: 1 to about 6
Time to explain to others: 15 minutes
Time to play: About 1 to 2 hours
Difficulty: To play 4/10, Game difficulty 9/10
Portability: Low (whole box of models and boards, the boards themselves are enormous)
Overall: 8/10

This was one of the 1st games to break Kickstarter. I found it quite by accident, waited for months for it to get out, the demand was such that it overwhelmed the publishers, there weren't nearly enough boxes for everyone. I ended up buying it through eBay, from a small game seller in the US. And it was well worth it.

The principle is simple. Zombies. The living dead. Hungry for human flesh. The board tiles assemble a post apocalyptic town, filled with broken buildings, abandoned cars, barricades and the undead. Lots and lots of the undead.

What makes Zombicide stand ahead of the curve is the leveling up system. For each zombie killed, your experience goes up one. 15 killed (it happens QUICKLY), and you are in the Orange zone, and each turn, more and more dangerous zombies spawn than before. A couple of dozen more, and you're in the Red zone, where things go pretty loopy. And there are now official rules for when you go off the chart, after killing scores of zombies. I'll just mention the name: Ultra-Red zone....

The game is filled with nice details, from the weaponry used, to the fact that the characters themselves can be zombified (with the respective model to boot!) and carry on fighting, even as they turn.

The game is as geared against you as any Lovecraftian nightmare, the are scores of zombies, all running towards sounds (i.e. you) and you are severely limited in movements, as you just stand there and try to scythe them down. And as you do, your XP increase, and more appear from every corner.

Rui's conclusion: Zombicide is hard, unrelenting and great fun. Not for the faint hearted as it can last for hours, but a great exercise in zombie killing. If you like zombie movies, this is the closest you can get! Recommended!

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